South Jersey Real Estate Investment Opportunity

tiny home investment opportunity in south Jersey

Instead of just staying in a weekly rental in Ocean City, NJ why not have a shore home of your own? If you decide to purchase and invest in a tiny home, we will help connect you with a tiny home manufacturer to select a tiny home that’s right for you. Brand new tiny homes start at approximately $47,500. A conventional mortgage will require 20% down (starting at approximately $9,500… which roughly equates to two-four weeks of combined rental time in Ocean City, NJ!) Enjoy 14 days more or less out of the year of a vacation for essentially free, and then plan to rent the home for the remainder of the summer (90 days x $125 per night on average = $12,000 projected). After the lot rental is paid you will still have enough profit to pay the mortgage, minor expenses, and utilities. A carefree investment for you, that we would like to help coordinate the rental and assist by providing someone to clean the home after every occupancy, and restock the home with incidentals (coffee, toilet paper, etc). We can even provide services to winterize the home at the season's end.

Looking to invest in a tiny home and use it to profit off of the rental? Let's talk. Contact Paul St.James - 602-663-0013

Still not convinced? Try one before you buy one. Rent a tiny home on our resort (2 day minimum) and see for yourself!